Artworks generated by electronic analog computers


This page shows some artworks which were generated using a Telefunken RA 742 electronic analog computer. The following pictures were created on 22-SEP-2007 when my friend Dr. Karina Schreiber came during the weekend for a visit. Since she is a mathematician, too, we could not resist playing with some analog computers - the results of this session can be seen below.

All of the following ten pictures are in effect the result of two coupled differential equations of second degree with various parameter settings. The very first picture is my personal favourite:

The next picture shows a flaw of the X/Y-plotter used in creating the drawings. As can be seen on the left side there is a defect in the linear position feedback potentiometer. This effect was avoided in the pictures following this one by setting the point of origin differently.

06-OCT-2007, 26-JAN-2008