Visiting Prof. Meyer-Brötz

On 29-APR-2007 my wife and I were invited by Prof. Dr. Meyer-Brötz, the father of the first transistorized analog computers made by Telefunken. His first two machines were the RA 800 and the <../../collection/telefunken/rat700/">RAT 700, developed in 1959/1960.

Prof. Dr. Meyer-Brötz left the area of analog computing in 1966 when he realized that digital computers would eventually supersede analog computers in terms of computing power. His interests shifted to electronic character recognition and the like in the following years.

It was a wonderful experience and a gift to meet him and his wife in person. He has lots of memories of the time of his analog computer developments at Telefunken and is a truly wise man. The picture shown below on the left was taken by his wife at the end of our visit in their truly wonderful garden. He sent it to us with the short hand written note on the right.