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On 29-APR-2007 my wife and I were invited by Prof. Dr. Meyer-Brötz, the father of the first transistorized analog computers made by Telefunken. His first two machines were the RA 800 and the RAT 700, developed in 1959/1960.
On 29-MAY-2006 the authors of the book I treasure most ("Analogrechnen"), Prof. Giloi and Prof. Lauber came to visit the analog computer collection. Here you can see some impressions from this meeting.
Mr. Bruce Baker shares his memories of his work with analog computers at the Martin-Marietta Aerospace Simulation and Test laboratory where the Tactical Avionics System Simulator was used.
Mark Titchener is the author of PERTECS, a Programmable Environment for Real-Time Exmulation of Continuous Systems. This system represents one effort to recreate the analog computing experience on a digital machine. PERTECS is written in C to give a flexible, real-time UNIX tool reconfigurable in the "language" of a traditional analog computer. PERTECS incorporates a multichannel 3D oscilloscope, user controls and interfaces.
Andrew Fitch built a small electronic analog computer which is definitely worth a look.
Believe it or not - Dr. Vogel from Austria built a tube based analog computer (10 tubes)! This truly wonderful device is described in detail here (German, 2.7 MB) with schematics. A large collection of application examples for this particular computer can be found here (German 1.8 MB).
Steffen Voelkel also built a homebrew analog computer.
Prof. Dr. W. Becker, the father of the wonderful Dornier DO-80 described the background of this development in the following document (in German only).

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